Media Production: 6 Week Course

In February/March 2013 CiCS ran a 6 week media production course. The sessions were held every Thursday at 12pm in Collaboratory 2, Information Commons from 7th February - 14th March 2013.

This site was used extensively throughout the course, and contains blog entries, media created by students and supporting materials. 

Congratulations to the following students who completed the course:

  • Eghosa George Ero
  • Jack Murgatroyd
  • Mary Kurian
  • Fiona Murley
  • Georgia Mills
  • Hafiz Hanaphi
  • Ying Lai
  • Daniel Adetunji
  • Long Xi
  • Marilyn E Shikena
  • Karen Scattergood
  • Harprit Bhogal
  • Elizabeth Jewell
  • Paula Nwankwi
  • Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Rokman
  • Harriet Lee
  • Elena Koiliari
  • Adelaide Figueiras
  • Jung Lee
  • Amiratul Hasanah Mohd Jailani