Green Roof Research at the University of Sheffield

Welcome to the research pages of the Green Roof Centre at the University of Sheffield.

The University of Sheffield is the leading research establishment in this field in the UK, with an unrivalled range of expertise in the green roof arena. It has developed an international reputation for excellence in green roof studies.

We are the National Centre of Excellence for green roofs and our primary aim is to promote green roof development and implementation through research, education, demonstration, information and technology transfer.

Our intention is that that these research focused pages will provide a resource for the advancement and understanding of green roofs.

The research is broken down in to the key fields of green roof research activity and will mainly consist of peer reviewed and published papers which have followed high standards of research best practice. However, there is also a selection of Masters level dissertations and reports which may serve to trigger further investigation.

Currently the most active areas of research are stormwater management and hydrological modelling - Department of Civil and Structural Engineering green roof research
Marie Curie Green Roof Project 2009 to 2013, click here for more details.        

Ecology, biodiversity and wildlife                                                 Vegetation and plant research
            - Publications                                                                              - Publications

Acoustic performance                                                                   Insulating characteristics and energy
- Publications                                                                              - Publications
World Green Roof Congress 2012, Copenhagen
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Sheffield green roofs                                                                      
           - Sheffield city green roof mapping 2010                                        
           - Sharrow School, My Green Roof 2012

Green Roof Guide
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