EAL - Science Booklets... ...is a FINALIST of the 15th 
British Council ELTons Awards for
Innovation in English Language Teaching 2017 in the Local Innovation category*

 ... are materials for teaching language and science 
to bi/multilingual learners in mainstream primary classrooms

They cover a selection of topics from the National Curriculum 
for Science for Key Stage 2

Topics covered are:

(1) Teeth and eating                 (5) Separating solids and liquids
(2) Growing plants                    (6) Changing state
(3) Magnets                              (7) Changing sounds
(4) Habitats and food chains     (8) Changing circuits

 The booklets: 
- are systematic
- allow use of [any] L1 (i.e. learners' first language/mother tongue) to 
  facilitate comprehension
- use visuals and simple L2 (i.e. second/target/instruction) language to 
  support learning 
- are personalised, interactive and flexible
- have content that is highly accessible
bring parents into learning processes
- employ range of tasks to support language and subject knowledge 
- are likely to increase motivation and facilitate scientific enquiry
- allow a varied degree of teacher control at any stage
- can be used as a helpful resource for formative assessment
- can be used equally effectively by native English speaking learners 
  and learners with EAL