This web page gives an overview of the scope, methods and outcomes of a two year research project titled 'Building Performance Evaluation for Sustainable Architecture'. The project carried out in The University of Sheffield School of Architecture within the Sustainable Design, People and Performance Research Group has been funded by the EU as a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship. The funding scheme allowed the generous time commitment of an experienced researcher supervised by an expert in the field of domestic building performance evaluation (BPE) to apply a broad range of methods and tools in a field study in order to gain understanding of how people use their energy efficient homes: how do the fabric and systems perform, how do inhabitants interact with them and why. The project also aimed to develop and test new tools for BPE: Usability Tool and Home Use Learning Tool. The field study covered two case study residential developments in Leeds, UK. An action research element allowed a degree of flexibility in project design to focus on unexpected issues emerging on-site. This proved to be both valued by the participants due to recommendations given and issues being solved and at the same time gave the researchers the opportunity to get a rich understanding of technical and human factors in energy efficient homes use.