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National Data Repositories

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UK Institutions - Data Repositories & Catalogues

University of Bath Research Data Archive

Brighton Research Data

CKAN has been selected for the data repository and functions as a catalogue of research data. This integrates with the PURE CRIS, which functions as a catalogue of research outputs. The Architecture is described at

Brunel University Figshare

The DSpace platform institutional repository is now able to preserve and publish research data.

Edinburgh Datashare 
The technical infrastructure at Edinburgh involves integration of the DSpace platform data repository with PURE, active data infrastructure and the DMPonline tool. Development of the infrastructure is discussed at

Built on the EPrints platform, modified using the ReCollect plugin to accept datasets, as described in The service includes allocation of Datacite DOIs. Guidance is published at

Institutional repository based on the DSpace platform, ORE’s content includes journal articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, book chapters, videos, audio, images, multimedia research project outputs, raw data and analysed data. Exeter's three former repositories ERIC, DCO and the Exeter Data Archive (EDA) were merged into ORE in March 2013.

University of Glasgow - Enlighten: Research Data
EPrints research data repository with links to award information. 

This EPrints based Glasgow School of Art institutional repository accepts a wide range of objects including research data.

Glyndwr University Research Data Catalogue
A private data catalogue facility of the bespoke CRIS 

Goldsmiths Research Data Catalogue
built on the EPrints platform.

Hertfordshire UH Research Archive
DSpace institutional repository that is being expanded to include a data catalogue and an 'Arkivum A-Stor' research data archive.

Hydra: Hull's digital repository 
The institutional repository at Hull is built on the Hydra micro-services architecture, which involves the Fedora repository system. The repository is designed to hold a wide range of digital resources including research datasets. The development of the infrastructure is described at

Researchers are advised that the preferred repository will be the discipline specific repository, failing that they should use the Imperial College repository: the DSpace based institutional repository, Spiral. Library becoming licensed to mint DOIs and will be developing a data catalogue. 

Leeds Research Data Repository
Eprints data repository with Symplectics link, being tested as a continuation of the Roadmap project (EPrints IR).

University of Lincoln Researcher Dashboard  
The Researcher Dashboard is the interface for the Data deposit workflow, facilitated by the ‘Orbital Bridge’ application. This links the various components of the RDMI: a CKAN based data registry, an EPrints IR for published research papers, network storage and Lincoln’s Awards Management System. The infrastructure architecture is discussed at and

Researchers are recommended to deposit data in ‘LSE Research Online’, the EPrints institutional repository (may now contain datasets). The LSE Digital Library uses the Hydra platform for preservation and access of digital collections (using Fedora and SOLR but not the Blacklight discovery layer); interoperability between the Digital Library and the ePrints repository is planned.

Loughborough University Figshare

Manchester eScholar Services 
The eScholar repository service provides access to all types of scholarly work including research data (Fedora based IR).

University of Newcastle
Research Data infrastructure implemented at Newcastle includes a CKAN data portal (for archiving and publishing data) together with a number of in-house built systems – MyProject (a project and awards management system), MyImpact (a researcher profile and publication information system), a Research Data Catalogue (linking data, projects and publications), e-Science Central (research collaboration tools) and a VRE. Architectural considerations discussed in

Oxford ORA-Data 
Replaces Databank and Datafinder (still Fedora based) as the archival store for digital data produced resulting from research by Oxford academics. It is provided by the Bodleian Libraries. ORA-Data is designed to hold records of datasets, irrespective of their location. If the actual data are stored elsewhere, a metadata record for datasets can be created and made available in ORA-Data and that includes a link to the location of the dataset. DataStage (Active research data management) facilitates the deposit of data (with accompanying metadata) into ORA-Data and other data repositories. See and 
The Research Data Repository at Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Digital Music is a Dspace based repository, specifically configured for long-term preservation and sharing of multimedia file formats.

University of Reading Research Data Archive & information about

St. Andrews

The Pure Research Portal holds records of Datasets and other research outputs. The DSpace Institutional Repository, Research@StAndrews:FullText, holds full text papers, submitted through Pure.

University of Sheffield Figshare

EPrints institutional repository at the University of Southampton has extended the existing the list of data types accepted to include datasets and experiments, using the ReCollect plugin. EPrints at Southampton now holds research data underlying published research (papers) outputs. Another strand of work, using Sharepoint to catalogue and share active data, has yet to be implemented. 

University of Strathclyde Knowledgebase  

Surrey Research Insight Open Access
All research outputs recorded in Institutional repository on EPrints platform using Symplectic CRIS to deposit.

UAL Data Repository 
built on an EPrints platform.

UCA Research Online  
UCARO is the institutional repository and accepts a wide range of research outputs including research data. This is built on the EPrints platform.

UWE Research Data Respository  
An instance of EPrints was modified for use as the data repository at UWE. The project developed its own metadata profile for research data, having decided against subscribing to the Datacite scheme and before the Recollect plugin became available.

Researchers ‘register’ their datasets with the institution through WRAP (the EPrints based institutional repository) in the same way as they would give information about publications. Datasets may be deposited in WRAP.

York Research Database 
The University CRIS  (PURE platform) provides a portal for research outputs including research datasets. ‘YODL’, a DAMS based on Fedora Commons platform currently holds some Humanities research data. 

Some UK Universities with a Data Repository in Development

Birmingham - planned development: BEAR Store, a data archive for long term storage, particularly of data associated with publications. EPrints based IR.

KCL – The establishment of a register showing the location of research datasets, both at King’s and in external repositories is planned for delivery by the end of the 2014-15 session (‘Research Portal’ is the PURE based IR). 

Lancaster – The Pure CRIS is to hold records of Research Data outputs, to be made publicly available through Pure Portal. The CRIS is being modified so that small datasets may be stored and accessible at

Nottingham - work is currently underway to roll out an institutional data repository/catalogue. Nottingham EPrints institutional repository content policy allows it to hold all types of materials except theses and dissertations.

Oxford Brookes The Equella based ‘Research Archive and Digital Asset Registry’ is to be used to catalogue research datasets.

QMU - QMRO, the institutional repository is on the DSpace platform, and this is likely to be the platform for the institutional data repository.

Salford - developing a Figshare repository.

UCL – No data repository / catalogue, but UCL Research Data Archive and access facility are planned for pilot late 2014 (EPrints platform IR). UCL hosts CAVA, a Human Communication AV Archive with storage on the Library Services Digital Collections service (ExLibris Digitool platform).

Discipline-Based Data Repositories Hosted by UK HEIs

ADS (Archaeology Data Service)
A disciplinary data repository based at the University of York. Infrastructure includes the Fedora Commons repository platform.

DSpace has been customised to offer a repository that eases both the deposit and discovery of geospatial data. Based at The University of Edinburgh

Leeds DART Data Portal
The Detection of Archaeological Residues using Remote-sensing Techniques (DART) research project maintains a CKAN data portal for the open data outputs from the project.

eCrystals at the University of Southampton
The University of Southampton department of Chemistry holds data from X-ray diffraction experiments in an EPrints repository.

a national social and economic research data repository based at the University of Essex. The UKDA provides the UK Data Service, which curates key quantitative and qualitative data, UK Data Service ReSharecurating data from ESRC funded research and the HDS (successor to the AHDS). These are housed on a modified EPrints repository platform.

a VRE to support e-Neuroscience, providing storage and processing services over a Grid infrastructure. The CARMEN system is a three-tier web architecture consisting of a web portal, an application layer and a storage layer, developed by a collaboration of researchers from 11 UK universities. The Java portal allows the user to access data and to create and run analysis tool on remote servers. The storage layer is shared between MySQL databases and a SRB (Storage Resource Broker) system. The application layer consists of Java servlets, providing a middleware layer that bridges storage and portal.

Australian Institutions

Auckland University

Melbourne University Figshare

Monash University Figshare

American Institutions

St. Edward’s University Figshare (Austin, Texas)

Other European institutions

DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services

3TU.Datacentrum stores datasets from the 3TU.Federation of Technical Universities of the Netherlands

Stockholm University Figshare