Welcome to the home of the Archaeology Society,
right here at the University of Sheffield!

This is your first stop for all things ArcSoc!

Whether you want to know what the next event is going to be, who our next guest lecturer is or even just to stop and have a good laugh for five minutes at some of our photos in the gallery, this is the place to be!

2012 ArcSoc Trip to Dublin

About our Site!

Our website is the hub of our society. From here you can click on any of the links on the left side of the page and be instantly transported to our events calendar, our contact details, our sports page and even check out who's on the committee.

And Remember...

We are more than just a drinking society. As well as going out, putting on lecture series and organizing trips, we are a community of people all with one thing in common: Archaeology.

So if you've got a burning question about French cave art, or are totally confused over Roman burials or perhaps you just want to know which dig to go on in your first summer, remember, we are all here to help each other, so don't be scared to ask one of us a question. We don't bite-not even the third years!

2011 ArcSoc Halloween Bar Crawl

We are an open society!

Anyone studying at the University can join our society. Whether you're a brand-new fresher taking your first tentative steps into the big wide world of archaeology or you're a hardened post-grad, wise in the world of anything archaeological, we want to meet you!

First year or post-grad, mature student or exchange student, part-time or even lecturer!

2010 ArcSoc '12 Bars of Christmas'

Everyone is welcome

And that policy goes even further:
You don't even have to be studying archaeology to join!

English Lit to Economics, Civil Engineering to dentistry-We don't care!
Maybe you have a casual interest in archaeology or maybe you know absolutely nothing about it outside of Time Team and a few rather famous movies...

Then why not become a member and find out that there's so much more to archaeology....