Woodland Heritage Festival



This two-day festival was a celebration of local research and local heritage and offered the public an opportunity to join in with some free hands-on activities, demonstrations and talks, held in and around the Discovery Centre at Ecclesall Woods. Both days were a great success with around 1200 visitors joining us over the two days. Thanks to both the public and all the volunteers (and the sunshine) for making this such a wonderful two days!


The Team :) Very grateful to all their efforts in making this such a wonderful festival!

 The Zooarch's hut

Where they had some great activities going on! Anyone up for the sheep puzzle?
They gave a great talk in the Sycamore Suit!

Then there was fire!!!!
Smelting iron ore.

Meet Lenore the archaeological fire Wizard, busy with her copper!
Which she later gave a great talk about
Else where in the Craft Corner
A prehistoric pottery making class
Everyone was having a go!

Just after lunch we were all serenaded by the Post Medieval Musicians 

Both the music and the talk that went with it pulled in the crowds!

As we venture deeper into the woods we find the osteo's lurking in Hectors House

Further up the woodland path Q-pits were being constructed and tested!

We had some great helpers from the Young Archaeologists Society!

The result after 2 days of construction and experimentation, the closest we have come to replicating white coal production yet!!!

Around the corner children were busy excavating swords (foam) and animal remains (plastic toy animals)

Other craft activities which took place 
Bark basket weaving! 

Art charcoal making

There was also a series of great talks throughout the day held in the Sycamore Suit, ranging from Human bone Analysis to Virtual Heritage.

Overall it was a pretty fantastic 2 days, thanks to all who volunteered and visited! 
See you again next year!