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August 2015 Join us for
"Through the Woods and Under the Earth. Practical and fun ways of helping people understand Sheffield's landscape Heritage" 
An Arts and Craft Special 
- Catherine Nuttgens-

When? Thursday 27th August
Where? Upstairs in the Red Deer, Sheffield and can be listened to                      later o
n the Archaeology & Ale Podcast and the 
                 Podcast Network
Time? 5.45-6.45 pm


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Woodland Heritage Festival: Talk #10 - Special 5 
An audio-tour of the Woodland Heritage Festival, with an introduction to the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre by volunteer Wes Hedge. Click here for the podcast.

Woodland Heritage Festival: Talk #9 - Special 4 
 Q-Pits & Experimental Archaeology
Dr Toby Pillat introduces Q-Pits and experiments with making white coal. On the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

Woodland Heritage Festival: Talk #8 - Special 3 
Ged Poland introduces Zooarchaeology - what can we learn from animal bones? On the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

Virtual Heritage
Woodland Heritage Festival: Talk #7 - Special 2 
 Courtenay Crichton-Turley introduces Virtual Heritage and using virtual and augmented reality to explore archaeology, and lets you know how you can get involved! On the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

 Human Osteology
Woodland Heritage Festival: Talk #6 - Special 1
Hear the first special episode from the Woodland Heritage Festival. Emma Green introduces Human Osteology on the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

April 2015: Talk #5 -- Uncovering Ancient Maya through the work of the Maya Research Program
Hear the April talk on the Archaeology and Ale podcast! Our guest speaker is Hannah Plumer from the University of Sheffield on her work with the Maya Research Program. For more information or to support the project, please visit their website.

March 2015: Talk #4 -- Hungate: What next?
Hear the March talk on the Archaeology and Ale podcast! We have a short interview with speaker Toby Kendall. Hungate includes the largest ever archaeological excavation in York and is one of the biggest developer-led projects in the U.K, and has provided training for students and volunteers for many years alongside the commercial excavation                                                                 team.

February 2015: Talk #3 -- Excavations at the Roman Temple Area of Diana Umbronensis at Scoglietto, Italy, 2009-2011
Our guest speaker: Dr Alessandro Sebastiani of the University of Sheffield.
Don't worry if you missed it - you can catch up at The Archaeology Podcast Network!

January 2015: Talk #2 -- The Roman Families Project. An Armed Forces Community Covenant project.
Our guest speaker: Christopher Atkinson, an archaeologist and manager of Community Heritage and Archaeology Consultancy. Christopher has worked with communities and schools in Hereford to investigate a Roman site in their community. Here's a summary of the Roman Families Project.

December 2014: Talk #1 -- “Trust in God and Sally Forth: The Newark Civil War Project”
Our guest speaker: Dr Rachel Askew of the University of Sheffield. Having completed her PhD at Sheffield, Rachel is now
establishing a community outreach project to be jointly run by the University of Sheffield and Newark & Sherwood District council's recently established National Civil War Centre, focusing on the Civil                               War era siegeworks surrounding Newark-on-Trent. Click here for more about the Newark Civil War Project

Come and join us
The Red Deer Pub
18 Pitt Street
S1 4DD

Upstairs meeting
(above the bar!)

(Red Deer website)

Couldn't make it to the pub? Never fear!

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