Past Research/Projects

CPE: Projet Creation d'Entreprise (Company creation project)

From October 2008 till June 2009. This was a one year project in a team of 12 people. The aim was to create a virtual but viable company and build up a business plan for it. Presentation of the project was given at the end in a "Dragon's Den" style. Our project called SPOK was to create an embedded system on a memory stick, and selling it directly to student or Universities. Students could use it on any computer and just boot onto the USB stick and retrieve their desktop with all their softwares and configurations,... The softwares on the stick would be specific to the student courses and all they needed to have would be on it. It would enable them to "carry their computer in their pocket".
Logo of our imaginary company

CPE: Nanotube 8 weeks research project

During April-May 2008, 2 days per week. This was an organic chemistry project were we synthesised nanotubes. Nanotubes were made of the same molecule linking to one onother and arranging itself as a tube. We tested different length for the molecule carbon chain: 6, 7 or 8 carbon atoms to see the difference in the physical properties of the nanotube arrangement. The nanotube would have been made of rings/triangle of 3 molecules piling up on top of each other forming a cylinder (tube). These nanotubes could be use for transporting or storing all sort of things including gas.
One of the steps in the synthesis of the nanotubes

CPE: Process engineering project 

This was a few months project from when we had to design the plant to create a product. Our product was menthone produced from menthol. Menthone is used as an essential oil and has a high added value, when menthol is cheap and easy to find. The project started with designing the process in the lab in a small scale and then scaling it up to produce 10000 tons/year. Of course this was all theoretical but we had to think about plant design, risks, security and safety, regulations, waste and of course costs. We had to make a 3 year planning to see how much money we would make by adding this new line in the factory and if it was worth it.

Syngenta: Industrial trainee position

From July 2008 till August 2009 I worked at Syngenta (Jealotts Hill, UK) in the process studies group (PSG) as an industrial trainee.
I worked on different project, the main one being the study of the cristallisation overtime of a particular active ingredient in formulation using a range of techniques an methods to achieve it.
I also designed a procedure to look at formulations using a confocal microscope and be able to see the aqueous phase, the oily phase and the crystals.
Crystals of an active ingredient observed under light microscope (polarised)

Syngenta: Research assistant

From February 2010 till October 2010, I worked again at Syngenta (Jealotts Hill, UK) but in a different group the Bioanalysis Group. I collected and analysed sunflower root exudates from resistant and susceptible cultivars using a range of novel and conventional techniques. I tried different methods for collecting the exudates and compared them. I also used different analytical techniques to analyse the exudates: GCMS and LCMS. This project lead onto my PhD.