The North South divide

The north-south divide is something which is widely discussed about varieties of English, especially in the media. It often refers more widely to people's perceptions of a line separating the country according to social, economic and political factors. Linguistically, it is more specifically related to differences in speech, such as pronunciation, grammatical constructions and how accents vary depending on the region in which the speakers live. 



  • North-South divide describes not only the geographical split within the UK, but also social, cultural, political and language factors which are different depending on region. 
  • Perception in this context is the ability to be aware of divides and differences particularly in reference to accent, regardless of there being no physical line. 
  • Wells lexical sets are a set of 24 sets of words organised on the basis of how the vowels in the words are pronounced and how they differs. 
  • BATH broadening the lengthening on the /a/ vowel sound in words such as bath and grass.