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Here you'll find a variety of syntax activities.
Have you been paying attention? All of the answers can be found elsewhere in the syntax section of this site.

Syntax Crossword
Think you know all there is to know about syntax? You should know all the answers to this crossword then. Read through the clues and try and fill in as many spaces as possible, if you get stuck on any, go back through our syntax pages and you'll soon find the answers.

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Interactive Sentence Tree
Why not put your structural knowledge to the test? Drag and drop the missing labels in this tree so that it shows the correct structure for the sentence. Don't be put off if you find this difficult, it all comes with practise.

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Do you know your parts of speech?
On this next page you'll find 3 parts of speech matching quizzes. Select the correct parts of speech to their labels, check that you've got all your answers right and then try and make a sentence from the words you have sorted.

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Do you know how syntax is studied?
Take this quick multiple choice quiz and see how much you've already learnt from how is syntax studied. There are 8 mulitple choice questions with only one answer per question. Move through the questions ans see how many you can get right.

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Where to next?
Do you feel empowered that you were able to answer the puzzles on this page, you should do. Congratulations, you have now learnt a huge amount of what there is to know about syntax. You're practically a syntactician! Before you go, make sure to check out finding out more page if there are any topics in particular that took your fancy. There's loads of information there on great books, websites and explanations of some of the trickier information. Go on, have a look...


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