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Here you will find many games and quizzes to test your knowledge on Sociolinguistics!

Who does sociolinguistics crossword
If your feeling confident about who does sociolinguistics, this crossword will test your knowledge on the 'who does sociolinguistics' section, so make sure your comfortable with key researchers in sociolinguistics to be able to complete this game.

What is sociolinguistics fill the gaps exercise
This exercise involves filling in the missing words in this paragraph about sociolinguistics. It will help to test your knowledge on what sociolinguistics is and will also give you a broad overview of the basics of sociolinguistics.

Sociolinguistics word search
This exercise is an easier and exciting test of your sociolinguistics knowledge. It is a general overview of sociolinguistics so to complete this make sure you have a good understanding of sociolinguistic key terms. Try and find as many words as you can without using the list to help you, if you get stuck then you can refer back to the list. There are 12 words to find so good luck!

Sociolinguistics big quiz!
If you are feeling extremely confident on your sociolinguistic knowledge then complete the sociolinguistics big quiz and see how you do. You can refer back to any part of the sociolinguistics section to help you if needed.

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