Finding out more

Here you will find a list of helpful and interesting resources that hopefully answer any futher questions you may have about Semantics and add more information to topics covered in this website. 


To find out more about Semantics in general and see a broad overview of the topic try:
Semantics by Geoffrey Leech.

The Find our more about the Basic Color terms book try: 
Basic Color Terms by Brent Berlin and Paul Kay


An excellent overview of semantics and what it consists of is presented on this site

If you want to find out more about ambiguity which was mentioned in the what page then follow this link-
Furthermore, if you enjoyed hearing ambiguous headlines you can find loads more on this site-

If you want to find out in more depth about syntax trees then follow this link-
It gives you some examples and explains in more detail how sentences are structured. You can perhaps also have a look at the Syntax page of this site to find out more.

To find out more about the semanticists you read about on the who does semantics page click on the links below to view their academic profiles:
Geoffrey Leech-

To find out about some other branches of Linguistics please follow this link.