How is Discourse Analysis studied?

There are many ways to conduct a discourse analysis study, some of which are listed here:
  • Conversation Analysis
    The study of social interaction. This can encompass both verbal language and non-verbal language such as body language.
  • Interactional Sociolinguistics
    A subdiscipline of sociolinguistics that takes interaction into account when studying the meaning created by language users.
  • Critical Discourse Analysis (Example Research)
    An interdisciplinary of discourse analysis that views language in terms of its social practices; considering how social and political powers are represented in speech.
  • Stylistics
    A practice of linguistics that studies and interprets texts. It links literary criticism and linguistics together, but remains descriptive (i.e. it isn't judgemental).

However, a discourse analysis is not limited to these methods. At risk of sounding repetitive, it must once more be stressed that a discourse analysis concerns practically any form of text; be it written, spoken or visual etc.