Branches of Linguistics

Linguists study all aspects of language, from its formal structural properties through to the way it is used an represented in the brain.
Key questions

This section of the website will help you discover just some of these areas, answering the following key questions for each sub-discipline of linguistics:
  • What it is
  • Who studies it
  • Where and when it is studied
  • How it is studied
  • Why it is studied
Research in Linguistics
You will find examples of research that has been undertaken in each area of linguistics. Research is an important part of what linguists do in universities. All linguists engage in research alongside teaching, which means that they are pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the area. At Sheffield, we have specialists teaching and researching all areas of linguistics covered on this website, and students have the opportunity to learn about and be involved in the very latest research as part of studying for their degree programme.
Check your knowledge 
Finally, each section of the site contains a range of activities for you to check your knowledge of topic you've been learning about. All of these have answers/commentaries provided.