Improve your NIHR research bid 
 in just 3 minutes!

If you are a researcher applying to the NIHR funding streams you can enhance the quality of your bid and improve its chances of success by conducting an efficient 'scoping search' to identify the key research studies that can support the application. The 3eLearning project from the Research Design Service for Yorkshire and the Humber,  aims to offer help with searching skills via short videos and podcasts that can be accessed as and when you need them. The videos and podcasts below mostly last just 3 minutes or less and use a mixture of demonstration and expert advice to take you through the key skills and knowledge you need. Additionally, video content from other quality-appraised sources will also be added to give a wider perspective on searching for evidence.  

Introduction to 3eLearning

5 key reasons why a scoping search will improve your bid's chances of success

5 reasons why a scoping search can improve your bid

How a research question becomes a search strategy

Prezi on developing a search strategy from your research question

Conducting a search using NHS Evidence Databases

How to use NHS Evidence for your scoping search

 How to save your search strategy and set up alerts

Saving your search and setting up alerts

Videos from the ScHARR Information Resources YouTube Channel 'scharrvids'

Combining search terms for successful searching

Search Strategy in 3 minutes

Accessing full-text articles- fast!

Accessing full-text articles in 3 minutes

Subject Headings vs. Free-text searching

Subject Headings (MeSH) vs. Free Text Searching

For more help with your research bid, contact the RDS for your region. Contact details are available here.