Welcome to Mrs. Kiel's Digital Citizenship Driver's Education. Throughout this course we will cover what it takes to cruise the cyber highway safely, respectfully, responsibly, and productively. All while developing an understanding of what it means to be a good digital citizen. Our content is based on the nine themes of digital citizenship. As we work through the semester, we will look at these themes and apply them to our lives.

Some of the content and questions were developed using the following sites:

    The Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship:
    • Digital Access- The participation of everyone in the digital world
    • Digital Commerce-  The electronic buying and selling of goods
    • Digital Communication-  The electronic exchange of information
    • Digital Etiquette-  One's manners while online
    • Digital Health/Wellness- The physical and psychological well-being in an digital technology world

      • Digital Law- The responsibility for one's actions which is either ethical or unethical while online
      • Digital Literacy- The process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology
      • Digital Rights & Responsibilities- Those freedoms extended to every student, administrator, teacher, parent or community member
      • Digital Security- Taking necessary precautions to guarantee electronic digital safety