Subject Motto
Nurturing students to be “B”alanced, “A”nalytical, “F”antastic and “S”uccessful.   

Learning & Teaching Objectives:

1. To develop skills of numeracy, literacy, presentation, interpretation, analysis, evaluation and problem solving.             
2. To locate, select and organize relevant business information for decision-making 

Learning & Teaching Strategies:

1. To train students’ good discipline in the learning process.             
2. To organize activities for various forms of students to promote the interest and correct social attitude.

Examination Syllabus 
Both Junior and Senior forms:
1. Reading paper
2. Writing paper
3. Listening and Integrated Skills paper
4. Speaking paper
5. Course assessments (Dictations and quizzes)

Homework Policy:

Junior Forms

  Types of assignment


1.   Topical Worksheets

4 pieces per year

Senior Forms

1. Business Application Worksheets

1-4 per topic

2.   Account Exercise

4-10 per topic