Some recent creations from students at South Central, New Middletown and Heth Washington.

Choice-based Art

The students at South Central, New Middletown and Heth-Washington Elementary participate in a choice-based art program.  Every week, at the beginning of an art class, students learn about a new art process, art concept or artist. Students then use the concepts they have learned and apply them to their artwork at centers arranged by medium. Students usually have access to a painting center, a drawing center, a sculpture center, a collage station in addition to other activities that rotate throughout the year (sewing, clay, paper mache, calligraphy, origami, weaving, etc).

Students are usually allowed to select their own subject matter. It is important for students to have choice because...

… this format more closely aligns with Indiana Visual Art Standards. The standards state that students should create artwork about “interests, current events, or personal experiences.” 
… it allows student to work at their own pace and ability level.
… it increases engagement. Students have very little art time each week. If students are enjoying what they are doing in class they are more likely to explore art on their own.
… it encourages independent learning and ownership of artwork.
… it maximizes instructional time. Students have more time to work and create art when less time is spent on outlining specific projects. It also leaves more time to discuss art history and art concepts and lets students apply the information in a meaningful way.


Got Junk?
Kids love making things with items that we might consider trash. If you have any of the following items, consider donating them to the art room.

 Cardboard boxes

Paper towel tubes

Bottle caps




■ yogurt cups

baby food jars