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US Government

Welcome to United States Government!!!

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Welcome to United States Government!  This course provides a framework for understanding the purposes, principles, and practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution. Students are expected to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and how to exercise these rights and responsibilities in local, state, and national government.

Students will be actively engaged and challenged by using the following strategies: class discussion, open-ended problem solving, hands-on activities, project based learning, computer-assisted research, and cooperative learning.  These strategies will help the students to focus on the concepts of American Government, as well as deepen their understanding of civics and history.

Current Unit Calendar:



Monday, August 18

Lecture:  Influences on American Government

Homework:  Review Sheets


Tuesday, August 19

Lecture:  Early Colonial Attempts at Unity

Video:  Pups of Liberty


Wednesday, August 20

Lecture:  Declaration of Independence

Video:  Too Late to Apologize (YouTube clip)

Current Event work

Thursday, August 21

In-Class Activity:  Declaration of Independence


Friday, August 22

Group Activity:  The Stamp Act & Colonial Response

Monday, August 25

Lecture:  Articles of Confederation

Review:  Worksheets

Tuesday, August 26

Lecture:  Constitutional Convention

Activity:  Think Chart over Constitutional Compromises

Wednesday, August 27

Framers Project

Lecture:  Ratification

Thursday, August 28

Chapter Two Review

Framers Project


Friday, August 29

Test over Origins of American Government