Fall 2013

August 20:  Opening Day presentation to all faculty and staff.
Questionnaire for faculty and staff during opening day
Responses to the questionnaire collected during opening day
Responses collected online

Responses collected from participants

November - December:  Student Experiences Survey (online)
Spring 2014

Jan 24:  Agenda for first topic selection committee meeting

Feb 5-6: Faculty-Staff focus groups held during lunch
Discussion Script
Kaffer-Babbington focus group data
Wimberly focus group data

Feb 25: Student forum subcommittee meeting minutes

Mar 12: Student forum

Mar 21: Meeting minutes

Fall 2014

August 19:  Opening day presentation to faculty and staff

August 20:  Faculty/Staff QEP forum

Sept 15:  SHC officially joins NetVUE

Sept 24:  Presentation to SGA

Sept 30:  QEP forum for Faculty, Staff, and Students
Andrew Tumminia's comments
Maureen Bergan's comments
Matthew Baugh's comments
Forum description and summary

Nov 7:  Planning meeting: minutes

Nov 10: Planning meeting: minutes

Nov 21: Planning meeting: minutes

Spring/Summer 2015

Jan 23: Planning meeting: minutes

Jan 28: Planning meeting: minutes
Revised draft of Learning outcomes for discussion

Feb 6: Planning meeting: minutes

Feb 13: Planning meeting: minutes
Vocational discernment process flowchart

Feb 27: Planning meeting: minutes

Mar 5: Student forum

Mar 6: Planning meeting: minutes

Mar 13: Planning meeting: minutes

Apr 10: Planning meeting: minutes

Apr 17: Planning meeting: minutes

May 1: Planning meeting: minutes

June 30: Planning meeting: minutes

July 2: Planning meeting: minutes

July 14: Meeting with Dr. Charles Taylor, SACS-COC VP
Summary of QEP effort to date
Meeting notes

July 23: Planning meeting: minutes

July 28: Planning meeting: minutes

Aug 4: Planning meeting: minutes

Aug 10: Planning meeting: minutes

Fall 2015

Aug 18: Opening day QEP discussion

Aug 27: BadgerExpo
Naming contest announced
Website for submitting entries

Sept 2: Presentation to SGA

Sept 4: CUE/SPE subcommittee meeting minutes

Sept 6: Update on activities

Sept 10: Faculty/Staff development subcommittee minutes 
Sept 14: Sophomore retreat subcommittee minutes
Sept 15: small group discussion subcommittee minutes
Sept 18: CUE/SPE subcommittee
Meeting minutes
Proposal for connecting CLIMB to QEP

Sept 19: Update on activities

Sept 20: CUE/LEAP update

Sept 21-23: Trip to Elizabethtown College
Report on trip

Sept 28: Planning meeting: minutes
Sept 30: Small group discussion subcommittee minutes

Oct 6-8: Trip to Assumption College
Report on trip

Oct 19: First discernment dinner, 5-7pm Price LeBlanc Ballroom
Reserve your spot here

Oct 28: Planning committee meeting 
Small group discussion report
SPE report
Sophomore retreat subcommittee:
Proposed budget
Meeting minutes

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Nov 4: QEP planning committee meeting minutes
Coherence of the QEP components

Nov 22: Second discernment dinner, 6:30-8:30pm Price LeBlanc Ballroom