Learning, Engagement, Awareness & Personal Growth

LEAP is a first-year experience that is high impact, current and engaging, developed and presented in a way that connects all the areas of the college, and introduces the areas of our promise statement--learning, faith, justice and                                                         service for life.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will reflect upon their personal growth throughout their first semester at Spring Hill College.
  • Students will practice engaging in learning strategies, including active learning and reading-in-the-content-area skills, which enhance their likelihood of academic success.
  • Students will explore fundamental questions of vocation
Goals of LEAP: 
  • Experience a sense of community as well as engagement and connection with peers and the wider community in relation to their LEAP course content
  • Integrate academic learning with life outside the classroom and in the larger world
  • Explore Spring Hill College’s Jesuit identity and mission.
  • Initiate a process of documenting and reflecting on personal performance and growth in their Undergraduate Reflective e-portfolio

What topics are covered in the LEA 101 LEAP lab? 

Explore the LEAP Lab Syllabus Template to get a sense of the common learning outcomes, goals, expectations, and topics that are presented and explored in all LEAP lab courses.

Looking for more resources to help you through your first year on the Hill?

Read through materials from past LEAP labs to help reinforce concepts from your past educational experiences and prepare for college-level expectations. The following LEAP materials are presented in a booklet form with links, references, and reflective prompts to help give students a jump on this first-year experience:

A Semester in Review: LEAP Fall 2016