Art Club

All members of the art club must pay $5 at the beginning of the school year to participate. This money is put into the art club fund and be used to purchase necessary supplies for fundraising activities. All future events hosted by the art club are covered by this fee and fundraising.

What is art club?

Art club is a group of Shawnee High School students who wish to participate in extracurricular art activities. Some of the activities may include learning new techniques and art processes, creating props for school events and dances, going on field trips to art museums and art studios, fundraising to promote art education and develop new art programs within our school.

Art Club Events


Screen Print Shirts

School Murals

Club Pictures

Pumpkin Painting Fundraiser

Halloween Dance

Holiday Candle/Ornament Making

Elementary Concert Back Drop (Winter and spring concerts)

Homecoming Center Pieces

Valentine Chocolate Sales

Valentine Dance

Sand Sculpting Competition

St. Louis Trip