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Grade 3 Parent Resources

Items will be added as we make them or find them online!
Please email the site contact below if you would like any certain webpages or sources to be reviewed to be added to this site.

  • Click here to find the the parent guides for the Number Development Assessments (NDA) parts 1-3 and the Fact Fluency Interviews (FFI). The guides help explain what each level score means and what a student needs to be able to do in order to move to the next developmental level.

  • Click here to find websites where you can print free math worksheets.

  • Click here to find Grades 4K-8 Student Resources

  • Click here to find videos and sites about multi-digit adding and subtracting.

  • Click here to find Grade 3 Math Standards

  • Click here to find answers to some more frequently asked questions.