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MTH 561-562: Algebraic Topology

MTH 561-562: Algebraic Topology

Course Description: 

Fall term 

Prerequisites:   Knowledge of groups, rings, vector spaces and multivariable calculus is helpful.   MTH 571 and MTH 551  or permission of Instructor. 

After introducing metric and general topological spaces, the emphasis will be on the algebraic topology of manifolds and cell complexes. Elements of algebraic topology to be covered include fundamental groups and covering spaces, homotopy and the degree of maps and its applications.   


  • An introduction to Algebraic Geometry, J. Rotman
  • Topology,  J. Munkres, Prentice Hall 2000, 2nd Ed.; 

Spring term 

Homology and cohomology from simplicial, singular, cellular, axiomatic and differential form viewpoints.  Axiomatic characterizations and applications to geometrical problems of embedding and fixed points.  Manifolds and Poincare duality.  Products and ring structures.  Vector bundles, tangent bundles, De Rham cohomology and differential forms.