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MTH 352: Complex Variables

Prof. Shaska (Italy)

If you are a mathematics major, science or engineering, if you intend to go to graduate school, or if you are trying to find an internship in industry then this class is for you. Two internships will be available at the end of the semester to work for local automotive companies.

The class might be especially interesting to advanced high school students who are interested in research projects. If you are a high school student who has already taken Calculus and are interested in this class, then you should contact me.

If you are an undergraduate student with strong computing skills (Python, Sage) and would like to get involved in some research project, then you should contact me asap. 

Fall 2015

MTH 353         Complex variables (4 credits)
Room:             TBA
Time:               MW 5:30-7:17
Office hours:   TBA


A study of analytic functions of a complex variable including differentiation and integration, series representations, the theory of residues and applications.


MTH 254 or permission of instructor


Further readings


There will a quiz every day in addition to two midterms and the final.  The scores will be weighted as follows:
  • Midterm I:                       20%  
  • Midterm II:                      20%  
  • HW/Quizzes                    20%
  • Final                               40%
  •                                   ___________
          Total                                T

Grades will be computed using the Oakland University guidelines.  

  94% --> 4.0
  50% ---> 1.0

Using a linear model we have   

Grade = (T-35)/15

where T is the total score for the semester.  


If you are not sure if you want to take this course then you can contact me 

Department of Mathematics
Oakland University
368 SEB
2200 N. Squirrel Road, Rochester, Michigan 48309-4401

Phone: 248-370-3436
Email: shaska AT oakland.edu