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MTH 3002: Mathematical Proofs

Instructor:   Tony Shaska
Office:         146 Library Drive,
                    546 Mathematics Science Center
Webpage:    www.oakland.edu/~shaska/
Email:          shaska @ oakland . edu

Semester:   Winter 2018
Time:          TR 1:00-2:47

MTH 3002: Introduction to Advanced Mathematical Thinking

Catalog Description:  
The propositional and predicate calculus, set theory, methods of mathematical proof, inductive and recursive thinking, relations and functions, infinity. Emphasis is on rigorous proofs of mathematical statements. 

Prerequisite: MTH 275 (or 256) or APM 263 or permission of department.

Notice:  This course is a writing course. You will have writing assignments every day, which will be done in Latex. No prior knowledge of latex is required, however you are expected to have a good command of latex within the first two weeks of the course. I will introduce all the necessary tools to get you started in latex. 
You can find all the information that is needed for Latex on the web.  


  • Lecture Notes will be provided in class.


There will be a homework set every Tuesday  due the following Tuesday. 
  • Homework                    70 %  (There will be 12 homework sets)
  • Final                              30 %
The grade will be computed as follows:  
Grade= (T-35)/15,  where T is your total score.   
You will be able to check the scores in Moodle, including class averages, ranking, etc. 


Each assignment will be graded on the mathematical correctness and on the writing style. 

To keep in mind
      • Papers are collected at the beginning of class on appointed days.
      • Papers submitted after the beginning of class may not be graded.
      • If you must miss class when an assignment is due, please give it to me early or have a classmate turn it in for you.
      • You may email an assignment to me, but it must arrive in my inbox no later than the beginning of class on the day it is due. I sometimes don't print emailed assignments, so you may not get any written feedback from me.
      • Exceptionally sloppy work is not graded.
      • I expect compete sentences (when appropriate) and good English usage. Points may be deducted for bad style.
      • I encourage you to work together, though the work you turn in must be your own.
      • Resist the temptation to hunt for solutions on line.
      • In addition to the work you hand in, you should work lots of extra problems for practice.
      • Some assigned problems are intended to make you think about ideas not discussed in class.

Final Project

    The final exam will be conducted in the form of a final project. You will select a problem from a list of problems provided to you and write a term-paper on it. The paper is required to be written in acceptable mathematical style, explain the history of the problem and suggest a solution. References will be required.  You are expected to pick your problem half-way through the semester.

Course Policies: For all the problems and concerns you might have, you are encouraged to talk to me. 

Cell Phones: Please be sure that all cell phones and other electronic devices (including iPods, BlackBerries and laptops) are turned off and stowed away for the entire duration of each class. Leaving such devices on will result on disciplinary measures as being kicked out of class. 

Makeups:  No makeups will be given, other then in case of documented emergencies. 

Participation:   Class participation is mandatory.   As a matter of courtesy, you should arrive punctually and stay for the entire duration of each class you attend. Please inform me ahead of time if you must leave early. 

Email:  Normally, I do not answer email related to homework assignments.  You should use email only to notify me of any emergencies, make appointments, but not to ask for solutions or hints to homework.  Only Oakland University email addresses are allowed to be used. I do not read email from other accounts.  I will occasionally sent emails to the entire class.  It is your job to check OU email regularly. 

Office: Please feel free to stop by my office whenever you have a question, or if you just want to chat. If my posted hours are inconvenient, I will be happy to schedule an appointment. Tell me if you are having trouble. Catching up can be very difficult once you get behind, so let me know as soon as you think there is a problem. 

Honor Code: You are not allowed to ask for help or work in groups for any of the homework assignments. Further, I do not tolerate any kind of academic dishonesty. Appropriate measures according to Oakland University regulations will be take for any case of cheating or breaking other rules.