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MTH 3002: Mathematical Proofs

Instructor:   Tony Shaska
Office:         146 Library Drive,
                    546 Mathematics Science Center
Webpage:    www.oakland.edu/~shaska/
Email:          shaska @ oakland . edu

Semester:   Fall 2018
Time:          TR 15:30-17:17

MTH 3002: Introduction to Advanced Mathematical Thinking

Catalog Description:  
The propositional and predicate calculus, set theory, methods of mathematical proof, inductive and recursive thinking, relations and functions, infinity. Emphasis is on rigorous proofs of mathematical statements. 

Prerequisite: MTH 275 (or 256) or APM 263 or permission of department.

You can find the syllabus here

Tony Shaska,
Nov 15, 2018, 3:12 AM