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MTH 275: Linear Algebra

Winter 2018
Prof. Shaska

MTH 2775          Linear Algebra (4 credits)
Room:                185 MCS
Time:                  TR:  7:30 - 9:17
Prerequisite: MTH 155 or equivalent. 


There will be three midterms and the final.  The scores will be weighted as follows:
  • Midterm I:                                     20%   
  • Midterm II:                                    20% 
  • Midterm III:                                   20 %  
  • Final                                             40%
  •                                                 ___________
          Total                                                T

Grades will be computed using the Oakland University guidelines.  

  94% --> 4.0
  50% ---> 1.0

Using a linear model we have   Grade = (T-35)/15, where T is the total score for the semester.  

Course Policies 

For all the problems and concerns you might have you must talk to me. No makeups will be given other then in case of documented emergencies. Cellular phones or any electronic equipment are NOT allowed during lecture. I do not tolerate any kind of academic dishonesty. Appropriate measures according to Oakland University regulations will be taken for any case of cheating or breaking other rules. Come to my office hours to contact me.  I check email only during working days. 
  • Attendance is mandatory.  (More than 3 absences and you will not be allowed to enter the final exam). If you miss a class, then you are responsible to find class notes and assignments from your friends. You can come to my office hours for clarifications, but I will not lecture again for you what you missed. 
  • Email Policy:  I do not respond to emails about course policies or problems/homework already discussed during class.  For such questions you should come to my office hours.