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MTH 571-572: Algebra

This is the graduate course in abstract algebra.  It is a two-semester course

The first semester (MTH 571) is required for all graduate students who get a degree from the department of mathematics.

Description of the course:  

An overall view of groups, rings, module theory, and field theory.  

It is assumed that students taking this course have basic knowledge of abstract algebra.  The course is not intended to review the material that was covered in an undergraduate course but to deepen that material.  Hence, I will not spend much time on basic material.

It is time well spent if students the weeks before the semester start reviewing the material that is usually covered in an undergraduate level.  As reading material for this review I would suggest any of the following:
  • Abstract Algebra, Dummit and Foote
or any other book at comparable level. 

My lecture notes in Undergraduate Algebra and the webpage there can be checked in order to have a detailed list of topics that I expect you to know before taking MTH 571. 

  • Homework   20% 
  • Midterm I    20%
  • Midterm II   20%
  • Final           40%
Grade will be computed using the following formula:   grade= (T-35)/15, where T is the total score for the semester out of 100 points. 

  • Midterm I:   Week of Oct. 3-7.
  • Midterm II:  Week of November 14-18. 
  • Final:  See the exam schedule from the Register's Office