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MTH 672: Algebraic Geometry

This course is intended to provide the basics of algebraic geometry for graduate students who intend to work in algebra, algebraic geometry, computational algebra, etc. Topics to be discussed are algebraic varieties, maps between varieties, Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, Zariski topology, abelian varieties, the Riemann-Roch theorem, Jacobians of curves, sheaves and cohomology, etc. Basic knowledge of commutative ring theory, field theory, Galois theory, and group theory will be assumed. 

MTH 672: Algebraic Geometry
Room: 376 MSC, MW 19:30-21:17
Instructor: T. Shaska
Office:  546 MCS
Office Hours:  MTWR: 18:00- 19:20

  • MTH 671, Commutative Algebra.

Further Reading

There will be a homework set every Monday which you have to return on the following Monday. 
  • Homework 80%
  • Final          20%
The grade will be computed by the formula G=(T-35)/15, where T is your total score for the course (out of 100). 

Algebra Seminar

I encourage each of you to attend the algebraic geometry seminar, which is held on Mondays, 18:00-19:00

Algebraic Geometry 2016

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Jan 25, 2016, 9:53 AM