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MTH 476: Abstract Algebra II

Term: Fall 2016
Times: 19:30-21:17
Room: 388 MSC

Description of the course

The course lays the fundamentals for students who want to study cryptography, coding theory, and digital communications. Furthermore, teachers of middle school or high school who want to understand the geometric constructions, solutions of polynomials should definitely take this course.   The course studies the theory of fields and its applications. 

  • Lecture notes and homework sets will be provided in class


  • Homework                      20 %
  • Midterm I:                      20  %
  • Midterm 2:                     20  %
  • Final                              40 %
The grade will be computed as follows:    Grade= (T-35)/15,  where T is your total score.  


  • MTH 275 and permission of instructor or MTH 475
  • I am often contacted by local companies which offer internships for undergraduate students who want to work in computer security and cryptography.  I only recommend students who have taken this class. The reason is very simple, one needs to know field theory in order to understand cryptography.  
  • In January 2017 there will be internships available from Visteon, Ford, and other companies for students who take MTH 476. 

The course will use Python and SageMath for projects and homework.  No prior knowledge of Python or Sagemath is needed.  I will introduce them in class and we will do all the homework and projects on SageMath online.  

Students will not have to buy any software.  Everything will be provided for free.
Click here to start playing with Sagemath