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f-Coding theory

I first became involved in coding theory when I taught a graduate course at Oakland University during Fall 2006.  One of the projects that one of my student G. Wijesiri did for the course was on Codes, Hermitian lattices, and theta functions.  Later that project became our first paper in coding theory.

The paper settled a question of Chua on for what values of a prime p the theta function of the lattice determines the linear code.

Later,  I had a few more papers (in chronological order):

  • Shaska, T.; Shor, C. Codes over Fp2 and Fp x Fp, Hermitian lattices, and corresponding theta functions.  Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptology, vol 3. (2007), pg. 70-80.

  • T. Shaska, C. Shor, Theta functions and symmetric weight enumerators for codes over imaginary quadratic fields, Designs, Codes and Cryptography,  (to appear)

  • An introduction to zeta functions of algebraic geometry codes (in progress)

  • Weight enumerators and zeta functions of algebraic geometry codes (in progress)