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New Orleans 2007

AMS Special Session:
Computational Algebraic and Analytic Geometry for 

Low-Dimensional Varieties

New Orleans, January 2007

Organized by Mika Seppälä (Florida State University); Tanush Shaska (Oakland University); and Emil Volcheck (National Security Agency).

This special session will be held Monday, January 8,  2007, at the New Orleans Joint Mathematics Meetings. This is the fifth special session on this area to be held at the AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings. The first special session was held in 1999 at the San Antonio Joint Meetings, the second special session was held in 2001 at the New Orleans Joint Meetings, the third special session was held in 2003 at the Baltimore Joint Meetings, and the fourth special session was held at the Atlanta Joint Meeting..


This session is devoted to algorithms and computational techniques for algebraic geometry, including algebraic curves, Riemann surfaces, algebraic surfaces, and low-dimensional varieties. We are interested in reports on algorithms to solve problems or on a significant use of computational algebraic or analytic techniques to obtain results. Algorithmic, algebraic, arithmetic, and analytic aspects are appropriate topics.

Read the list of speakers and their abstracts for the special sessions in 1999 and 2001 and 2003 and 2005 on computational algebraic and analytic geometry to see what previous speakers in this series of special sessions have presented.


The final deadline for abstract submission  is September 26, 2006.




We plan to organize a dinner outing for participants in the session.

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