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Sponsored by Sharpening Iron/CGT

-Calling all Men-

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed

Come join Team-SI at the Cloquet Gospel Tab and help others with work that they can't complete by themselves. The reasons others may need help may include the inability to complete the work due to physical limitations, financial constraints, lack of needed skills or the size of the project that makes it difficult for them to complete it by themselves.

We anticipate that we will have a need for men with a wide variety of skills and interests, from changing light bulbs or raking the lawn for an elderly or disabled person, to carpentry skills for home repair and remodeling projects, to computer skills to help out those that struggle with the computer, and a lot of other skills or interests.

If you volunteer, it is understood that you won't be asked to work on every project, but only the ones that fit your availability, skills and interests. If you are interested in being part of Team-SI

Contact Ted Sexton at 729-7617 or contact him at . Fill out the sign-up form to let us know what areas of service you are most interested in, and what your project availability is.



Sign-up Sheet

Sharpening Iron/CGT

Ted Sexton


  1. Name________________________________Date_____________

  2. Telephone Number __________________________________

  3. E-mail Address ______________________________________

  4. Best method of contacting you for service assignments:

  • email ___

  • telephone ___

  1. Availability:

    • Saturday ___

    • Weekdays ___

    • Evenings ___

  1. Preferred service environment:

  • Work with others in a group ___

  • Work alone ___

  • Either ___

  • Work with elderly and disabled __

  1. Interests, skills, ministry focus: (Check those that apply)

  • Limited home and yard maintenance ___

  • Willing project helper ___

  • Basic carpentry skills ___

  • Advanced carpentry skills ___

  • Some plumbing skills ___

  • Advanced plumbing skills ___

  • Auto Mechanic skills ___

  • Able to provide transportation to doctors,etc ___

  • Advocate Skills ___

  • Computer skills-user training ___

  • Computer/media skills- hardware/software set-up trouble shooting ___

  • Other skills, interests and possible areas of service that you have:

  • _________________________________________

  • _________________________________________

  • _________________________________________

  • _________________________________________

  • _________________________________________