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March 30, 2017

Here is a chance for you to become part of a wide variety of suggested start-up Men's Groups for guys with similar interests and needs as you. It can be difficult to start a group without a little help, so maybe this initiative can help. These groups will be small, from 5 to 10 guys, so we can get to know each other well. We'll attempt to tailor groups to meet your interests and needs. Some groups may last a long time while others will be for a shorter time frame. Each group will no doubt be a work in progress and reflect the make-up of guys in the group. Guys from any church can be part of this effort—even guys not currently going to church anywhere.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the following questionnaire. Your response will be kept private except for a small team who will try to facilitate the various group's start-up.

First and Last Name___________________________________________

Phone Number (home)___________________ (cell)_________________

Email Address _______________________________________________

Check your status for preferences:

Your age: __20s __30s __40s __50s __60s __70s and over

__ I prefer a group of guys similar to my age.

__ I am open to being part of a group of unspecified age.

I would prefer meeting at: __Church __Restaurant __Someone's Home __No Preference

I would prefer meetings to be: __Weekly __Biweekly __Monthly __No Preference

I would prefer meeting on: __Sun __Mon __Tues __Wed __Thurs __Fri __Sat __No Preference

I would prefer a meeting time of: __Morning __Afternoon __Evenings __No Preference

I would prefer a group that lasted: __Six Weeks __Six Months __A Year or Two __ No Preference

__I would be willing to serve as a group leader or mentor. (Training will be provided if you desire)

Please rate the following topics or group focus according to your interest or need, with "1" being the lowest interest for you and "5" being the highest value.

____ Fathering Being the father that God intended you to be.

____ Faith Basics of Christian beliefs.

____ Fellowship Support, encouragement, and fun activities.

____ Prayer Group corporate prayer time for group members, church needs and community needs.

____ Learning Bible/Book Study, with the topic, book, or book of the Bible selected by the group.

____ Serving SI Service Team, prepared to help others in need with a variety of tasks, like small home projects, providing transportation to the doctor for elderly or others needing assistance.

____ Mentoring Older guys (maybe two or three) mentoring younger guys (maybe three to six) on Marriage, Life Conduct, and Christian and Moral Values.

____ Accountability Developing open, honest relationships to enhance accountability within the group.

____ Reverse mentoring Younger guys teaching older guys about the values and realities of the current culture.

____ Marriage Premarital and immediate post marital expectations and common challenges for the newly married. This would best be a mix of older and younger guys.

____ Living alone The challenges of living a Christian life for a man who is not married.

____ Retirement Challenges, rewards and developing life skills needed for retirement life.

____ Grief support For men who have had a significant loss in their life.

____ Addictions Facing addictions with God's help and the loving care of your brothers.

____ Blended families Learning to successfully live with blended families.

____ Divorce recovery Many of us have had a divorce in our past or are married to someone who has been divorced. This group will help to find healing from the woundedness of experiencing divorce at some time in your life and/or in your current spouse's life.

____ Group mentoring By a few caring guys for several guys that are ex-offenders and now released from prison.

____ Single Fatherhood Support, encourage and learning for single fathers.

____ Other ideas for a Men's Group focus. Please add any other ideas or suggestions you might have for a men's group. __________________________________________________________________

If you have questions, contact Ted Sexton Sharpening Iron Journey Christian Church. Phone at 218-269-7809 or email Drop off your questionnaire at the Welcome Center, mail it to Ted at 6093 Taft Road, Duluth MN 55803, or complete it in an email reply to Ted.

Past Event

2010 Fall Retreat at Fort Victory

We had a great time at Fort Victory for our 2010 Fall Retreat. Fourteen of us braved the frozen tundra to study, hang out, hike, eat, and enjoy the fruits of Morris Breed's work who built the Fort. Morris was an ordinary guy who had an extraordinary vision many years ago to build the Fort on his land on the St. Louis River near Aurora. This Fort was to be used for ministry to young boys in the Royal Rangers program at his church. Since then, many others besides young boys have benefited from his work.

You can see a few of the pictures of the Fort and of our retreat at:

Pastor Fred gave us two very challenging messages. The Friday evening message centered around men mentoring each other, and the Saturday morning message centered on the command given to us that as disciples of Christ, we are to guide other believers into true discipleship.

We recorded the study and hope to get it posted on the Cloquet Gospel Tab Website soon.

Many thanks to the Duluth Gospel Tab for continuing to maintain Fort Victory and making it available to us guys at Sharpening Iron.

Recommended Study

"Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis

Beginning Wednesday, September 15, this will be an 8-week study exploring the teachings of CS Lewis in his book Mere Christianity. Led by Jim Rogers, this group will meet in the lower level fellowship hall at 6:30 p.m.

Leader: Jim Rogers (879-5267)

Location: CGT Lower Level

Time: Wednesdays, 6:30 PM

Recommended Study

Steps On the Journey  "Our Goal: To make disciples"...  Pastor Rich

"A number of you have signed up for the adventure! We're going to do a "beta" test on the curriculum for "Steps On the Journey"—our new, three-year discipleship effort. Read on for a quick overview of what we'll aim to do with this course."... Pastor Rich

This curriculum draws on several solid Christian resources to address the following priorities:

  1. Teach foundational biblical truths—provide a solid overview of Christian theology.
  2. Strengthen believers in their faith—develop mature disciples who live out their convictions in practical ways.
  3. Train, equip, and empower individuals for ministry—provide opportunity to serve and release people into ministry.
Find out more about this discipleship training at