SI Service


Completed Event,  Collection of wheelchairs for Haiti, Month of April, 2010

We collected 11 wheelchairs and delivered them to the Ironwood Springs ministry near Rochester.   Bob Bardwell has arranged for shipment of them to Haiti with the Salvation Army.




Bob Bardwell of Ironwood Springs.  We delivered the chairs to Bob Bardwell.  Bob was injured in a construction accident in 1973 and has done amazing things for the Lord since.  Bob never quits and he always encourages people he meets to "never quit".
Completed Event, 12-19-2009.   It was reported that there were about 17 tables full of new and used toys.   SI bought $200 of elementary age New Testaments that were a big hit, and Bill passed out about 50 or more Gideon Bibles, along with information about the Tab.  One lady told me that without this effort, she wouldn't have been able to have Christmas for her kids. 


All the toys and gifts were pretty much gone within about an hour after the doors were opened.   (Although Bill had some roller skates that didn't go.)
Lee wants to get started on prep for this event about 3 or 4 months earlier next year ! 
Christmas Toy Drive
Cloquet Gospel Tab

14th St and Washington Avenue in Cloquet

Bring NEW OR GENTLY USED toys, movies, books and games to brighten the

faces of children in our area

Toys for all age groups accepted

Toy drop off the week of

December 14th to the 18th

Mon, Tues, Thurs- 9 am to 4pm,

Wed, Fri- 3pm to 8pm

Items collected will be provided to anyone

who has need for them (no income requirements)



Toys will be available on Saturday, December 19, from 9:00 am to

at the Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle