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Team SI Service Project - Putting Up Wood, December 17, 2011

On this Saturdary, December 17, the SI guys teamed together to help put up winter wood for a neigbor who needed a helping hand.
About 13 guys showed up for the morning.  No one got hurt and we ended up putting up enough for the winter.
The SI guys at work on the woodpile!
Doug's home-made splitter.  Looks a little old, but does it work good!!!! 
We would roll up the bigger pieces on the power lift on the left.
Ron and his spliiter 
Eric up on the wood pile.  Boy were these oak logs huge!!
Brian was hard at work on his end of the wood pile.
Paul was busy with the splitting maul in between stacking wood.
Fred hard at it.  He was really into the splitting maul.  We had 3 hydraulic-splitters and one Fred-splitter !!!!
Kind of reminds me of John Henry.
A smiling Brian !!
Actually we had two wood piles to work on.  This one was on the back 40!  Jaramie is in the forgound, Chris on the right.
Patrick is on the splitter and Bill with his trusty saw is on the far left.
Chris, with his Stihl.  Almost everyone had a Stihl but me.  I just had an old Poulan.  Pathethic.
Bill on the move.
Steve with his Stihl.  See what I said about the Stihls??