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Brule River Whitewater Kayaking Sept 15, 2012

At the landing, ready to go !!

Well, almost ready to go.  Need to make a few adjustments.

Putting in.  Doesn't look too whitewatery to me.

Under way.

Jesse looking downriver

That water looks a little white.  Must be just the sun reflecting from the river.

Nope, Jesse did find some whitewater.

Here's Brent.   Leader of the trip.

Well that looks a little exciting.

Aaron concentrating.

Gene says Hi !!

Mike, with his hat.  (He lost it twice, but the team came through)  
Who said it wasn't real whitewater !!

Ted, riding the crest.

I had to go back to the Brule to get my life jacket, so I took few shots of the river


Beautiful God, thanks !!

This looks OK too !!

Even the fisherman in the background fits in.  

Let's be "fishers of men"  !!!!!!