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2011 Mille Lacs Fishing Trip

Chris, Lee and Jaramie ready to go in the van
The convoy following the guide toward the fishing house on Mille Lacs
The desolate landscape of the lake, (well maybe it's really the lakescape)
It was confusing to find our way around, and they did have some road signs, but "banana"?
Some of the houses had most of the comforts of home
Some looked better than home!
 Then there was our "home" on the wilds of Mille Lacs
Getting set up to fish.  The master, Lee, at work.
Chris and Dave looking pretty excited !!!!!,...... I guess.
The Logelin brothers, Jaramie and Allen

Gene, Bill, John and Arlan- just wating for the fish. 

Ted with the only Walleye that was caught.

We had a little snow, and some moonlight too.

Ahh, the glow of the red hot fish finder.

The kitchen, and where are those fish anyway??

Time to go.  The fishing was good even if the catching was not.......