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2011 CGT/Fish Lake Ultimate Family Fishing Fun(d)raiser (FLUFFF)

Starting to get set up
Ted tried to think of every thing.  Lee provided a tent for this item.
Chris provided a welcome fire pit.
More set up.  Looks pretty sweet for northern Minnesota !!
Set up is complete.  Looks pretty high tech to me for ice fishing. 
Chris provided the generator.
Now is the time to start fishing.
Looks like more talking then fishin" !
Shelter is where you find it.  About 25 degrees F., 20 mph winds,
a little snow in the air and about 32 inches of ice.
Are we having fun yet?
Let's have a little fun with golf-tennis.
Nice form !!
Gathering around the firepit and getting ready for the "joke and fish story telling" contest.
We had a lot of fun in spite of the weather. 
And we raised $730.00 out on the lake for a water well for the Rasmussen's in Tanzania, Africa
You can be part of this effort too by sending a check to the Tab for this purpose.