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2010 Fall Retreat at Fort Victory

Sharpening Iron Retreat at Fort Victory
on the St. Louis River near Aurora, MN
November 19/20, 2010  
The Main Lodge
The Swinging Bridge
Ted making the trek up the bridge
Out for a hike, the Swinging Bridge in the background
Bill near one of the stockade buildings.
I am guessing this stockade building is named  "Redeemed"
in part because it almost fell in the river after many years of neglect,
but it was pulled back, straightened up and kept from certain destruction.
Kind of like being "Redeemed"
John checking out the stockade barrel stove with Chuck looking on.
The fireplace in the Main Lodge starting to warm the place up.
The advance crew opening up Fort Victory
Bill, Chuck, Eddie, John and Ted
Swinging Bridge looking from the far side of the St. Louis River
Full Moon at Fort Victory
Hanging Out
Jesse, Jaramie, Tom, Doug, Chris,
Chuck, Bill, Ted, Eddie and Fred
Fred, Lee and Chris fixing supper in the Main Lodge
Lee and Chris grilling burgers
The fire burning down in the fireplace
 We never really did know what this was a carving of, maybe a beaver, but who knows.
Saturday morning study time
Jesse, Chris, Eddie, Gene, Fred, John and Chad 
The whole crew about ready to head home. 
Kind of tired but had a good time!  Thanks Fred.
Eddie, Gene, Doug, Chuck, Fred, Chris, John, Tom, Chad, Jesse, Jaramie, Bill, Lee and Ted