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The Momentum of Life by Ted Sexton

A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that for good or bad, our lives have a certain momentum.
For example, I remember when I was in 6th grade, I had a teacher that challenged us to excellence by rewarding good academic work.
About half way through the year, as I was fooling around and doing poorly in school, I decided to start to apply myself. For the rest of my school life I did much better and finished college and went on to a career as a Civil Engineer. Had I not made that decision so long ago, the momentum of poor performance would had likely followed me my whole life with negative consequences.

According to the laws of physics, once a body is in motion, it wants to keep on going in the same direction it has been going unless an outside force acts on it. Some forces increases speed and other forces slow down the motion. In the natural world, friction, gravity and other forces slow upward motion over time. In order to keep the progress going, positive outside force needs to be added.

Inertia has kind of an opposite meaning to momentum, but with this term, it seems like the progress has stopped and it takes a lot of effort to get things going again.

It is this way too with our lives and our relationships with those around us, with our accomplishments in life, and with our walk with the Lord. It seems that these principals apply to our spiritual life just like they apply to our physical existence. If we are going down a negative path, the momentum will continue to move us in that downward direction. It seems that those negative forces; whether they are bad influences, lack of a strong Christian walk, spiritual battles, trial and temptations, or apathy all can keep us going in that downward spiral.

On the other hand when we are walking with the Lord, there is a very certain positive momentum keeping us on that path. That momentum can run down over time from negative forces, But positive momentum can be regained and maintained by a strong prayer life, Christian fellowship, good teaching, service to the Lord, bible study and thinking about the things of God.