Book Reviews

Written by of friend of Ryan Green.
"Hi guys, I just thought I would throw this out for any ones interest. My mens Monday morning Bible study has been going through a VERY good book ,The Measure of a Man - by Gene Getz also forwarded by John Maxwell. Its about the Twenty Attributes of a Godly Man. I tell you its been doing amazing things withing our mens group, it has really been challenging our guys and changing their lives as well as mine! I challenge you all to check it out, its truly inspiring and very self reflective. It takes you through Paul's maturity profile as stated in Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus in 1 Tim 3:1-7, and Titus 1:5-10. Very good book, if any interest to anyone, I can get the info where to get it or I am sure you can find it.
Take care,
Your Fellow Servant In Christ
Spirit Warriors” by Stu Webber
This book by a Green Beret captain and Vietnam veteran frames our faith as soldiers in Christ. Although I have not yet finished this book, so far, I have been convicted of the seriousness of leading a Christian life and the seriousness of the consequences of not. Stu is able to show that even now we are engaged with the enemy everyday and helps provide strategies for waging those battles.

 Review by Don Rydberg

“Quiet Strength” by Tony Dungy

 This book is a memoir of the life of Tony Dungy focusing on how is Christian faith guided him as a young man through a career in the NFL as player and coach. I found the faith he had in following God’s will as best he could in the decision he made a powerful example that I could use in my life.

 Review by Don Rydberg

Both of these books sound like good reading. If you have read a good book lately, send me your review and I will pass it on.