Parent Survey 2017-2018

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Kindergarten 2016-2017


We believe that children learn by doing. They need hands on experiences that lead them to question and search out answers by experimenting with the world around them.  

It is our goal to surround our students with a stimulating environment full of many opportunities for socialization, active investigation, and repeated practice with literacy and numeracy skills.  We believe that students should be involved in learning opportunities that happen in individual, small and large group settings.  We also believe that there needs to be a balance between investigations of their choosing and investigations that are purposely set up by the teachers to challenge children to make connections with prior knowledge, reach beyond what they know to be true and make new discoveries which encourage them to become lifelong learners.

We believe that children thrive and grow in an environment that is safe and nurturing.  Children need to be encouraged to take risks and fail without fear of humiliation.  They need to learn to see failure as a learning experience.  The teacher's role is that of support and guidance while children manage these experiences on their way toward becoming a confident, capable caring adult.

We want the school environment to be a safe and inviting environment for parents as well.  We believe that kindergarten is just another step in a child's growth and development that began at birth.  Parents are an integral piece of the journey.  A strong partnership between parents and the school community is crucial to a child's success.  This webpage was created for you. We hope you find it useful and supportive to your needs.  We look forward to developing a strong partnership and welcome your support!