Sharing Inc. (SI) is a "grassroots" community based non-profit that began in 2004 to help provide local teens at-risk with the life foundational truths and activities they need to become happy, productive citizens of their community.
Our main goal in SI is to help at-risk teens seek and understand the Creator's will in their life. We want to help them find, nurture and expand on their God given gifts so they may be able to effectively complete their mission in life. The core of our mission focus is on the "Fruit of the Spirit" and each individual’s unique gifts that many times go un-used, and sometimes mis-used. We believe that linking at-risk teens up with proper educational/job opportunities, caring mentors and resources to help build their adult life skills will help the community have responsible, successful future generations.
SI wants to help guide our teens down the right paths. Studies have shown that failing to educate our children in vital life skill areas will cause harmful community issues in the future. Follow-up studies of disadvantaged children at-risk who have participated in quality development programs have found solid evidence of markedly better academic performance, decreased rates of criminal conduct, and higher adult earnings than among their non-participating peers.

Most of our at-risk teens already have "hard life" stories. Some have disabilities (physically and mentally). Some do not. Not all stories involve poverty. Some suffer in silence with abuse and neglect. Some of us have one in our family or may have even been one ourselves. Many are right in your neighborhood waiting for someone to notice and reach out a loving, guiding hand of HOPE +
You too can help us plant GOOD seeds in our local community!

We partner with other local youth/teen centered missions to help expand and overcome barriers by providing and SHARING resources. SI's gifts have also included other critical community services. To progress in our mission we participate in local fund raising events, accept individual & business monetary or service/item donations and corporate foundation or community grants.
Message or give us a call to become a part of our mission family! Phone: (864) 444-3063 Email Sharing Inc.