My name is Jeff Lehr.  I have been the Transition Coordinator for Wilson School District since 2010.  I have worked at Wilson High School since 1997. 
I graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor's degree in Special and Elementary Education in 1995.  I earned my master's degree in Classroom Technology from Wilke's University in 1999 and my Transition Certificate from The George Washington University in 2009. 
Throughout my professional career, I have always taken an interest in transition.  I feel the whole purpose of what we do in education is to prepare students for their adult life.  While this can be challenging, it needs to remain the primary focus throughout a student's schooling.  I have created this website as a guide for students and parents to use throughout the transition process. 
Contact Information:
Jeff Lehr
Wilson High School
2601 Grandview Blvd.
West Lawn, PA 19609
610-670-0180 ext. 5063
I have broken the website into a number of different sections (found in the Navigation section to the left).  Please see below for a brief explanation of each section:
  • What is Transition? - It is important to understand what is meant when we use the term "transition."  While transition can look very differently from student to student; this page provides general information on what is meant by the term "transition."


  • IDEA vs. ADA - When a student is in high school, he/she falls under the laws of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).  When that student leaves the high school environment, he/she falls under the laws of ADA (American Disabilities Act).  These two laws are very different in their scope and purpose.  Understanding these differences allows the student to better prepare for the next stage of life.  This page provides information on the differences between the two laws.


  • Soft Skills - What are they and why are they important? - When looking at one's preparation for entering the workforce, much attention is spent on job specific skills.  However, in many situations, a person's ability to utilize appropriate soft skills in the workplace can make the work experience a success or failure.  Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Self Regulation, and Decision Making Skills all fall under the scope of soft skills.  This page includes an excellent description of what soft skills are and why they are so important.  The description is taken from Susan Kruger M.Ed., author of the SOAR Study Skills program.  The page also includes a number of web links to more soft skills related information. 


  • SAT/ACT Accommodations - As students look to apply for post secondary schooling, they will be expected to take entrance exams (the most common ones being SAT and ACT).  As a result of their disability, they may be eligible for accommodations during these exams.  This page provides specific information on how to qualify for those accommodations.


  • Web Links - The internet has become a huge resource of transition-related information.  This page provides a variety of links to sites that provide information on Career Research, Post Secondary Education, and Independent Living.  Please check back regularly as new websites will be added.


  • Community Agencies - When a student is in high school, he/she can have a rather large support group that can include teachers, guidance counselors, parents, administrators, etc.  What happens to this support system when the student graduates?  There are a number of adult agencies that can provide a variety of services for the student after they graduate.  These agencies can begin to form the student's adult age support system.  This page provides brief descriptions and web links for a variety of Berks County agencies.


  • Community Partners - We are very fortunate here at Wilson that the local business community has given us the opportunity to use their facilities to help teach our students valuable employment skills.  Through the cooperation and assistance of these businesses, we are helping build tomorrow's workforce.  If you would like to become a "community partner," please contact me at 610-670-0180 ext. 5063 or


  • Upcoming Events - Throughout the year, there are a large number of activities/events that take place throughout the county.  Please check this site regularly to see information on any upcoming events.