2016-17 Professional Learning Calendar of Events 

(Click Here for the Special Education & Pupil Services 2016-17 Schedule)

 8/24  Full Day    8:00 AM- Convocation- Glad Tidings
 9:30 AM- Opening Speaker- George Couros
11:00 AM- LUNCH (Admin with Couros)
12:30 PM- District Sessions at WHS
3:30 PM- End of Day
 8/25  Full Day   8:00 AM- District Sessions at WHS
11:00 AM- LUNCH
12:30 PM- District Sessions at WHS
 8/26  Full Day    8:00 AM- Building Agendas   
11:00 AM- LUNCH
12:30 -Department Agendas  
 9/28  Early Dismissal ELEM- Building/Department Agendas
SEC- Department Agendas
*Science Curriculum Team Curriculum Agenda
West MS @ Camp Swatara
 10/10  Full Day    8:00 AM-3:30 PM- District Sessions at WHS
BCIU (Art, Music, Business A.M., HPED, Gifted P.M.)
*Science Curriculum Team Work
*Foreign Language Team Work
*Frank Serafini presentation
 10/31  Early Dismissal ELEM- Building or Grade Level Meeting
SEC- Departments
*Science/ELA Core Team Curriculum Work
 11/21  Early Dismissal ELEM/MS- Conferences
 11/22  Early Dismissal ELEM/MS- Conferences
 11/23  ***Full Day
 (w/ PM Comp if applicable)
ELEM/MS- Conferences
 1/26  Early Dismissal ELEM- Building
MS - Building
HS - Building
 1/27   Full Day    8:00 AM-3:30 PM
AM District Sessions
PM Building Agendas
AM Building Agendas
PM District Sessions
*Curriculum Writing- Science/World Language/Discovery
2/17   Full Day     8:00 AM-3:30 PM-District Sessions & Staff Wellness 
*Curriculum Writing- Science/World Language
3/29  Early Dismissal ELEM- Building/Department
SEC- Departments

*Curriculum Writing- Science/World Language/Discovery
5/26   Early Dismissal ELEM- Unit of Study Training
SEC- Differentiated Supervision
*Curriculum Writing- Some science, World Language, ELA, Music
6/9  Early Dismissal 12:30-1:30 Bulldog Splash Retirement Celebration
 HS Auditorium
1:30- Day End- Buildings: Differentiated Supervision