Google Apps Workshops

Chromebook Basics (1 hour)
Chromebooks have proven to be an excellent solution for schools looking to make a safer, cheaper and easier foray into 21st century learning. Chromebooks provide access to the full suite of Google Apps while requiring minimal technical knowledge to utilize. Attendees will have hands-on access to Chromebooks and explore ways students and teachers can leverage the technology in their classroom.

Chrome Browser and Web Applications (3 hours)
Learn how to work more efficiently on the web by learning the ins & outs of Google's Chrome Browser (Chrome). In this session you will learn how to employ Chrome to work more efficiently on the web across all your devices. Syncing your bookmarks, apps and history from your laptop, to your tablet, to your phone. Learning how to leverage web applications (web apps), is a paradigm shift to how software is delivered and utilized. Join us for an exploration to the undiscovered world of creation and engagement possibilities for the classroom using web apps. Learn how you can have your students constructing their understanding of the content you want them to master.

A Paperless Classroom/Work Flow with Google Drive (3 hours)
Learn about Google Drive's interface in order to have a command of the online storage and creation service. Learn how to create, share and organize Google's office suite of programs, namely Google Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Drawings. Join us to learn how to connect third party web applications to your Google Drive allowing to creatively produce files such as publishing tools and concept mapping tools. Learn how to utilize Google Drive to work collaboratively, economically and more efficiently. Learning how to share and manage files and folders with students and colleagues will help you minimize the use of paper and stay away from the copier. Managing the your classroom and professional work flow can save hours and many trees. Participants will also discover how moving files to the cloud can augment and redefine what traditional paper can’t do and how to leverage the collaborative features of Google’s office suite. Learn how to automate the process of setting up student handout and turn-in folders in Google Drive by leveraging pre-made Google Scripts and third party tools. Many examples of Google Drive in action, from varied areas, will be shared as well. 

Enhance Writing with Google Documents (2 hours)
Google Documents is much more than just an online word processor. It is a tool for improving student writing. Google Documents has many built-in features, as well as third party tools to help students with their writing. These include peer review, tracking revisions, having students' writing read aloud to them, giving feedback through text and voice comments, the integrated research tools and citation tools, bibliography add-on, publishing student work, and more. 

Formative Assessment with Google Forms (3 hours)
Learn the ins an out of Google Forms to simplify collecting of data from many students, colleagues, parents, etc. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create and use Google Forms to collect and analyze data. Learn how to quickly use a Google Form for surveys, feedback, exit tickets, assessment, labs, and more. Learn how to leverage Google Forms to guide decisions and personalize instruction for students in real-time. Participants will also learn to utilize scripting tools to automate grading and notifying students through email of their results. See many different classroom applications of Google Forms, as well preview other tools like ClassFlow, NearPod, PollEverywhere, Socrative, etc. Examples and applications for all grade levels will also be discussed and shared.

Classroom Hubs & e-Portfolios using Google Sites (3 hours)
Learn all out the web site creation tool, Google Sites. Learn the basics of page editing and creation along with leveraging the power of the Google ecosystem to embed/link Google Presentations, Documents, Forms, photo albums, calendars, etc. Learn how to create a dynamic web site and manage the site's settings. Participants will learn about creating a Google Site to build a classroom hub or to implement e-portfolios for students. Many classroom examples from varied grade levels will be shared as well. Learn how to leverage your classroom hub as a center for collaboration and communication for all stakeholders.

Using Google Plus to Enhance Communication & Collaboration (3 hours)
You've heard about Twitter and Facebook, now lets see how Google+ takes a more robust approach to social media. Learn about Google Plus’ Communities, Circles, Hangouts, etc and how you can leverage collaboration outside your classroom or how meetings can be much more efficient by meeting face-to-face without leaving your desk and computer. Many professional and classroom examples from varied grade levels, will be shared as well. Learn how to setup a Google Hangout and use Google+ as a communication tool with peers, parents and students. Go beyond the basics to dig deeper into G+ to make your classroom more collaborative.