Our Internet bandwidth as of July 2015 is 1 Gbps bits per second (Gbps). Our primary Internet connection is provided by the Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) Wide Area Network (WAN) Consortium. We continually monitor bandwidth use to ensure we have adequate resources.

Network Monitoring and Management

The District utilizes various monitoring tools including HP's Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which is a monitoring and reporting system for enterprise networks.  IMC will give the District an in-depth look at what traffic is flowing over the network. The District is able to monitor individual switches and wireless access points, to better understand where the trouble spots are, and help to address those issues. 


All 1:1 initiatives require a robust wireless network to succeed.  We currently have access points in every classroom and shared use rooms, the demands on our wireless network will continue to grow as more students receive devices.  We are closely working with our vendors to optimize our entire infrastructure to support this initiative. 

Server/Network and End-User Software

District software licenses of educational and network applications are licensed for a specific amount of devices and are licensed on a Microsoft Network platform. These licenses will need to be re-evaluated and possibly increased and/or upgraded. We are leveraging many web applications, such Google Apps for Education, that are free or cost-effective alternatives to traditional software.