Increasing the District's computer count by almost 5,000 devices, and giving them to students who will be taking them home in grades 6-12, will require a solid and well-defined support structure.

Support Scenario

If a device is not working, damaged, or if the user has a question, the user would come to the building's dedicated location for such reports. If the issue requires hardware repair, the building technology assistant would swap the device with a loaner and send the unit out for repairs. 

Student Technology Teams

These students will be working with the building technology assistants and working one-on-one with teachers and students.  We will be researching technical certifications and coursework for these students to supplement this program and provide them with valuable experience that they will be able to carry with them into post-secondary education and their future careers. Theses students will have the opportunity to develop leadership, technical and communication skills through their work on the student technology team.

Staff Certifications

Technology department staff and building computer lab aides should pursue relevant technical certifications to develop an advanced understanding of device networking and support.